Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

Bankruptcy Fraud Charges Against Aiken Residents

Bankruptcy is a legal status when an individual or business cannot pay its bills or debts. In most cases, bankruptcy proceedings are initiated by the debtor, seeking relief from credit problems. Some countries limit legal insolvency through bankruptcy to individuals, but the United States also allows businesses to file for bankruptcy.

Part of the process of filing for bankruptcy is to list your assets, some of which can be taken away from you, and some of which you may keep. You must list the worth of each item, which can be a complicated process. If you are not careful while filing out this paperwork, you could be accused of bankruptcy fraud, which is a serious federal crime.

South Carolina Federal Courts Handle Bankruptcy Fraud Charges

The state of South Carolina has bankruptcy courts to handle these federal cases in Charleston, Columbia, and Spartanburg. While you do not technically need a lawyer to help you with bankruptcy proceedings, the process is long and complicated. If you make a mistake in the value of your property, especially a large piece of property like a house or a car, you could face bankruptcy fraud charges, so legal representation during these court proceedings is important.

Failure to file certain documents can lead to dismissal of your case at least, and if you do not have legal representation, your case is likely to fail. While these may seem bad, you could face worse consequences like bankruptcy fraud charges if you do not properly handle all documentation in insolvency case.

Help, I’ve Been Accused of Bankruptcy Fraud!

If you face bankruptcy fraud charges, this serious federal crime could make you feel alone and afraid. However, you must remember that even after being charged with a federal white collar crime, you do still have rights in court. The South Carolina bankruptcy and bankruptcy fraud charge defense attorneys understand the complicated legal process behind insolvency rulings, and can help you properly fill out all documents to avoid fraud charges. Contact us today for a free consultation on your case. 803.252.4800

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